Pole whacking and Armorment

After we did the test polygon we started hammering poles down to hold the concrete in place, we were working under sizzling conditions, about 35 Celsius, in the shade….

We were still happy and drank plenty of water, five min later we’d swet it out again!

After that was done we laid down the armourment of the foundation.


It’s very nice to see people acting accordingly to hot weather, like splashing your self with water to cool down!


Armourment art.


Brian in a tunnel of iron!

Hammer time

Step one after you have measured all sides of the outer rim, is to whack wooden poles into the ground with a huge iron rod to make sure the concrete will have no chance to push the footings aside.

Screw it

Step two, screw in a piece of wood in to the wooden pole that just got whacked in to place with great effort.

Outer rim complete

Finally when you have whacked all the poles of effort deep into the gravel you can start measuring the inner polygon. Use two pieces of wood that were over from when the outer rim was made. MAKE SURE YOUR STICK ARE THE RIGHT SIZE!


Measure stick in use aka. Bertil.


Sippin on dat H2O.




Time to lay the armourment!


Reinforcement stirrups.

Lashing wire.

Lashing wire helps holding together the mesh, as it also holds together the mesh with the stirrups.


Little 10 cm plastic struts holds up the mesh. In the future we would like to use bio based plastic in our buildings this time around we did not have the resources. More info about this is to come.

even steven

Robert gives thumbs up on a very even mesh.

Never ending mesh

Laying out more mesh.


Robert instructing on how to lash together the mesh with the stirrup.

DSC01374 DSC01375 DSC01370 DSC01368 DSC01365 DSC01364 DSC01362


The light is finally here

We have finally started to crawl out of our caves after a long dark winter, with hardly any snow. During that time, the desire for the light to come and our grant to be answered got instilled within us. The light did arrive in the end and the grant got answered, we even made some new light hearted friends on our way into brighter days!

Our first new friend is Melissa, whom is a wonderful giving person and wants to see a connected holistic world where all of us are in a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding elements. And as the snow melted around us and spring sun rays finally burst through the thick clouds we were visited by two very enthusiastic people: Yinka, a man destined to connect as many life giving and heart warming creators of a positive sustainable future as possible. The other an energetic documentary maker named Robert aka Bob, who wants to help further these connections being made with his expertise in this area. He filled us with delight as we listened to his stories of past adventures with his third eye, in other words, his camera.

With each passing day a hint of warmth flows over us, the snow continues to melt around us and the spring sun rays are finally bursting through the thick clouds. There is hope in the air, it surrounds us like the sun rays and they’re going to lift us up higher than before! We are on the verge of a beautiful new beginning here in Umeå.

There are so many more people that have helped keep us on track and we want to thank all of them with this message, you know who you are!


What we have done:


  • Built an aquaponics system out of a bathtub and some scrap
  • Networking, made vital connections
  • Raised funds through a EU grant within Leader projects http://www.urnara.se
  • Started construction on a 500 litres Aquaponics system
  • Blueprints for the foundation of the dome


What we have on our ‘To Do’ list is:


  • Finnish a 500 litres Aquaponics system
  • Get the design of the structure optimized
  • Create a worm paradise in compost
  • Build the foundation to the dome
  • Raze the dome


This is going to be one unforgettable journey, so if you would like to join us, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Green Free Will (GFW) is an assembly of enthusiastic and ambitious people in Umeå, Sweden, who’re working for a sustainable food production with the collaboration with Earth Organisation for Sustainability. The work began in the beginning of 2012 and has since then involved more and more people, not only in Umeå but in other cities and countries as well.

So what are we doing? Our main focus is working with a system called Aquaponics, witch easiest can be explained as a symbiosis between fish (or other aquaculture) and plants. Basically the water gets pumped from a fish tank up to a grow bed where it gets filtered and cleaned by the plants, then the clean water goes back into the fish tank. The fish get clean water and good bacteria and the plants get important nutrients from the fish feces. This symbiosis has always existed in nature, just go to a lake or a river and you will see plants thrive around it. An aquaponics system allows us to take that symbiosis and put it in cities or even in deserts, so we can grow healthy crops and fish everywhere.

Of course, if you would want an aquaponics system in a desert you would need some kind of structure to put it in, maybe a Geodesic Dome? The purpose with this part of the project is to explore the benefits and disadvantage of building a geodesic dome instead of the ordinary square greenhouses. A geodesic dome is a half sphere built up by hexagons and pentagons, basically a lot of triangles put together to make a dome shape. The structure is very stunning and is one of the strongest, most durable constructions found in nature.

GFW sees the importance of spreading information especially when it has to do with life sustaining technology like this one, therefore we will publish plans on how to build these constructions. We want to encourage cooperation between people instead of competition, -together we are strong.

You can find a more detailed description about all of this if you look in the menus above. You’re of course more than welcome to contact us if you have any specific questions or want to join us in our work for a sustainable future!

//The team behind Green Free Will